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With over 20 years cycling experience I can help with whatever it is that you would like to improve about your cycling from technical aspects to specific areas of fitness.

Whether you are a seasoned racer, a beginner or looking to train for a specific event I can help evaluate your performance and look for areas of improvement.

1:1 Coaching (limited spaces)

We will begin by discussing your aims and aspirations for the coming year.  We then look at the discipline in question, your existing training and any forthcoming specific plans/events and desired outcomes.  If required we will also look at your current bike setup and suggest any necessary changes.

From here, we will evaluate your current level of fitness; strengths/weaknesses and profile your event. With all the above information in place we will then discuss and agree some bench marks before building a bespoke training plan based around your lifestyle, time constraints and goals.

As we progress through the plan, we will continually evaluate how your training is going, monitoring progression, fatigue and your overall enjoyment of cycling

I can advise on nutrition, equipment, bike set up as well as kit.

As part of this package, included in the price is 1x monthly sports massage treatment.  This will massively aid recovery helping you get the most out of your training as well as preventing and treating any niggles/injuries that may arise.

Recommended equipment:

I highly recommended that the athlete has or is prepared to invest in a power meter and/or a heart rate monitor as well a cycle computer such as a Garmin, Wahoo or Hammerhead etc.  If this is something that is new to the rider, I can offer advice and assist with set up of these devices.  A smart turbo trainer is also a very useful tool.

Benefits of this kind of coaching come over time, therefore, there is a minimum 3 month sign up period.

Cost per month is £120 per month

Coming Soon – Training plans

For athletes who are happy with their existing set up and do not require the in depth 1:1 coaching I can provide 8, 12 or 16 week training plan for riders to follow.

These are individually tailored plans with an aim to improve all round cycling fitness.  While the plan is tried and tested it is important to remember that this is a rider-led option.  The rider can follow the plan at their leisure, on their own terms following a structured plan with targeted training zones set up for the individual rider.  The more committed to the plan you can be the more you will get out of it.

It is helpful if the rider is able to provide some benchmark numbers to begin working from, if not we will schedule some tests that will provide us with what we need to make sure that the programme is specific to your current level of fitness.

Unlike 1:1 coaching though there is no ongoing analysis and there are no massage treatments included.

Recommended equipment: A heart rate monitor as a minimum is necessary, however, as mentioned you can add more value if you have or are prepared to invest in a power meter as well a cycle computer such as a Garmin, Wahoo or Hammerhead etc. 

8 week – £70

12 week – £90

16 week – £110

David Singleton

Association of British Cycling Coaches, Level 3 Coach